Thursday, July 14, 2011

They're Here!

Our peeps have arrived!  They are all happy, healthy, and ridiculously cute.  They've been busy eating, drinking, scratching, napping, and settling into their new digs.  I swear that every time I check on them, they've grown.  Really.  And when I peek my head in, they come running to the side of the crate and "cheep" their hello.  I'm in love.



By now I'm sure you've noticed that I'm short one chick.  I am.  When I opened their box, I was so disappointed to find one missing.  I promptly called the company and asked what happened to the other, but there seems to be no explanation.  The order was right, so there was really nothing for them to do but apologize, and I assure you, they did.  Profusely.  The only problem now is that I want four and you can't ship just one chick.  Or even two.  Lucky for me, my favorite feed store is getting in a new bunch of chicks today or tomorrow.  So, I may not get the Austrolorp I wanted, but I can love a sweet Rhode Island Red just the same.  

My girls have special names.  They all have something in common.  Any guesses as to where they came from?


  1. I can only say this: They're definitely all OKLAHOMA girls! :)

  2. Based on Mary's comment, I thought they were all characters from the musical. But I only found that Gertie was a character's name. So, I am at a loss as to the connection. :). Any other hints? :)

  3. Good guess. They are all proudly named after towns in my home state! When Brad brought the new chick home, he said his one stipulation was that he got to name her. It appears he didn't like my theme. Now we have three okies and a yankee.


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