Sunday, July 17, 2011

Impulse Buy

Yesterday I spotted these beauties at a roadside stand and couldn't resist the urge to stop and buy them from some really swell people.  Since they looked and smelled so good, I figured that two baskets of peaches would be better than one.  Really, three would have been better than two, but I'll go back tomorrow.  There is only a small window of time that a person can get sun-ripened, straight from the orchard, fresh-picked peaches, and this is it.
It is a goal of mine to do more food buying locally and from the growers who actually knew their product from it's seed or bud infancy.  There are fancy names for such people.  Foodie.  Locavore.  I don't need a title, just a good couple of farmers.  Roadside stands, farmer's markets, and CSAs bring your food courtesy of their pick-up and right off the farm.  The food was picked at it's peak when it had time to mature into its full nutrient potential.  The same cannot be said about those mangos from Guatemala or the melons from Mexico.  They are picked while green and ripen on the long journey from their place of origin.  

In addition to better foods, you also get to invest your hard earned dollars back into the local economy, keep your environmental impact down, and you'll have the chance to get to know and support some seriously nice people.

The boys and I did our first berry picking last week.  It was swealteringly hot that day, but the time with friends and the bucket of fresh blueberries were so worth it.  

If you think you might be up for an alternative (or addition) to your weekly Kroger run, check out these sites for some fun food alternatives:

Peach Butter was the end result of yesterday's impulse buy.  Definitely not a purchase I'll regret.  

Let's share.  What are some things you and your family do keep it local?

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  1. Well, I know a backyard farmer fairly personally, and I can sometimes get him to bring his bounty straight from his garden into my kitchen. It's actually quite a nice arrangement, and works for me! :) But about that peach butter - it looks yummy, and has been photographed very well. I love the reflection in the granite and the composition of the picture. I'm thinking you are growing lots of "interests" well these days - keep up the good work!


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