Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My favorite thing about homeschooling has to be the day every now and again that we throw academia to the wind and do the things in life that really matter.  Or at least, so I would argue.  Case in point:  strawberry picking.  I decided yesterday that the letter Rr, Gilgamesh, and composing number sentences could wait.  Fine weather and ripe strawberries could not.

I totally made the right decision.

The most delicious end.

Strawberry season is short and very, very sweet, so check out for a farm near you!


  1. Oh I want to be in AL where it's strawberry season. We have to wait two more months for delicious fresh berries in NH.

    Your kids look great and you made a great choice of how to spend the day.

  2. Two more months?!? I guess you pay in brevity for those beautiful, temperate summers! We may very well bake down here, but warm (aka swealtering) weather is most definitely long and plentiful! I wish you could be here to pick strawberries, too. If I thought they'd make it, I'd mail you some. I love first harvests and the hope of delicious things to come. Happy spring!


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