Friday, February 10, 2012

My Happy Place

There are places and spaces in life that I love.  Some more than others, but one best of all.  It is a place where this girl can fill her lungs with the fragrance of the country, wrap her arms around a cow, drool over the finest bull in the county (I may be slightly biased ... but only slightly), and drive various and sundry farm equipment.  I mean, really, does life get any better?

Don't answer.  It was rhetorical.

Meet the reasons I love the Ranch.  Meet my happy place.

Harley.  The bull.  As if you needed to be told.  What a beefcake.

The Harem.  That Harley is a lucky man.

The cutest, sweetest, fuzzy wuzzy offspring I've ever seen.

"Faster, sweetheart.  Here comes that crazy lady who wants to hug on us some more.  That just ain't right."

Girls with an appetite.  I feel ya, ladies.

Oozing happiness.

More oozing.

The face of a dirty, tired, happy kid.  Now, that is what a boy is supposed to look like.

Child labor.  He's not terribly efficient, but he's free.

I have the coolest mother ever.  Do you see that look of adoration on my son's face?

Feedin' time.

My daddy.

And finally, an Oklahoma sunset.  Best ones I've ever seen.

I just left the ranch, and leaving isn't easy.  This girl's roots grow deep.  So now, when I get homesick, I just close my eyes, conjure up the smell of manure, and I'm home.  

On second thought, better just close one eye.  

You never know where your boot will land.


  1. Oh...that was just beautiful!!! Feel like I just read a book or watched a good movie~ :) Floy

    1. Lovelovelove this. I want to come out there. And, I may need a few pics to sculpt one of those darling fuzzy calves!!!

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to go to Oklahoma! :)

  3. Are you a native Okie? I didn't realize that.

  4. So beautiful and peaceful.
    So happy for you that you got to go home and be there.


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