Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Rancher's Daughter

As a sort of pseudo retirement, a couple of years ago my hardworking dad took up ranching.  I'm telling you, it's in the blood because there isn't much this rancher's daughter wouldn't give to pack up, head home, and be there right now during calving season.

One cow yesterday surprised him with twins.  This is a serious anomaly, and because the calves were born hours apart, there seems to be some confusion on the mother's part.  She must feel a little overwhelmed (and who can blame her?) because she is refusing to accept and care for the second of her little bull calves.

So, now he's an orphan with a bottle, and I am wondering just how noticeable he'd be in my backyard.  I mean, really, I've seen bigger dogs.  Can't you just imagine him with a big red bow and the look on my boys' (and neighbors') faces on Christmas morning?!?


  1. Love your post! I wonder if Tom would mind if I bought some cattle? Just had them in the backyard one night when he came home from work? He prob wouldn't notice (right?) until the poo started to pile up out there?!


  2. awwww! so cute! you could teach the chickens to roost on his back. think of the pictures you could take! heh heh heh!

  3. Love your post.
    Maybe you can move out of the burbs and into the country.
    Yup ~ We all need a farm or a ranch.
    First dogs & cats, now chickens, and then calves.
    Now we need to live closer to each other.... lol.

  4. I told Brad we need to work on moving up the timeline on that acreage. I want one of next year's calves for sure! I do wish we all lived closer...we'd have built in farm sharers and sitters!

  5. How is it possible that you are resisting this temptation??!! Just think of the house we could build (and the kitchen we could design) if we put our heads together! ;)

  6. Love the idea of chickens sitting on his back. What a great idea! And it would certainly cut down on the grass I would have to mow each week. This idea is sounding better and better...


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