Friday, October 14, 2011

First Harvest

In an effort to create some fall and winter variety in my garden, I planted these.  I just dug up my first bunch, and aren't they gorgeous?

It turns out, I have a knack for growing turnips.  They all came up in record time and are quickly filling space on my counter where they are waiting for me to figure out what to do with the lot them.  A bumper crop of turnips - just like my summer okra - begs the obvious question, "Now what?"  There are only so many turnip recipes in my repertoire.  Foresight would have greatly benefited me here.

My boys have been watching them eagerly.  You see, they've never eaten turnips before, and I made the innocent mistake of likening them to potatoes.  Not true, I was later told.  Not true at all.  Well, I think they're delicious, and it is a good thing, too, since I may very well have to eat my weight in them.

Turnip soup, anyone?  How about mashed turnips?  No?  Wait, wait.  I know.  Stewed turnip greens.  Oh, now see?  The possibilities are just endless.  My boys are thrilled.

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