Saturday, September 24, 2011

Husband vs. Shovel

Oh, Snap.

In the course of his year-long gardening career, my husband has broken four shovels in the red Alabama clay in which we are trying to grow food.

Such a strong, handsome, shovel killing man.


  1. Power team here we come! Next post, stay tuned for baseball bats;-)

  2. Are those man-crocs, tough guy? Hehehe! :)

  3. What's the latest on Elmer's Opfor, aka Operation Urban Bunny Slayer?

  4. Power Team? Now that's a retirement idea. I don't know, they wear man-crocs???

    The bunny is not dead yet. He caught wind of the shiny new pellet gun and the angry housewife. He has laid low and found nourishment elsewhere. I replanted again, however, so I am sure that he'll return soon to gorge on tender, new shoots. I'll be waiting.


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