Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pepper Belly

I love spicy food and planted myself a jalapeno plant with the expectation that I'd have a few peppers throughout the summer to keep me in the heat.  I had no idea, however, how prolific that one plant would be, and I am finally having to cry uncle.  My family bailed on me weeks ago.  Sallies.  I couldn't stand for all those extra peppers to shrivel in my produce drawer, so I pickled them.  In just four days, I collected enough peppers to do this.

A little vinegar and water, a little salt, and a tiny pinch of sugar will give us summer grown fire in a jar all year.  Bring it, plant.  


  1. 'Atta Girl!! Get those fall tomatoes canned, now, and I'll be over for fresh salsa this winter...

  2. Winter? I have to wait till winter?!?


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