Saturday, August 27, 2011

Operation Window Boxes

When we bought this house last fall, we had to look past some ornamental metal what-nots hung on the exterior and window boxes stuffed with plastic flowers.  Yikes.  All outdoor decor has long since been removed by my two hardworking (and always tasteful) parents, but tragically, those window boxes refused to budge.  And so they've sat; empty and blending into the wall on which they cling.  My husband was thinking aloud a few weeks ago and happened to mention that they could be repurposed.  Say no more.  Visions of my children tending their little window box gardens and munching on long, slender carrots and leafy greens drove me to Lowes for black plastic and bags of soil.  And so our garden grows.

Operation Window Box was really very easy.  Because ours are wooden, we lined them with black plastic trash bags (to prevent rot), filled them with good, rich soil, and planted.  That's it.

If you're considering a garden but fear the commitment or don't have the time or yard space, this approach could be for you.  You'll have to select your seeds with a little more thought to size constraints, but you, too, could reach out your bedroom window for a fresh clipping of homegrown herbs or spinach or crisp carrots.  A bona fide midnight snack.

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