Friday, July 8, 2011

While the Gardener's Away...

This is what happens when this gardener takes a long weekend for herself.  Three days.  That's it.  I came home to find squash and zucchini doing its best to reach the far corners of its boxed-in world (a project it has worked on all summer) and growing fruits big enough to singularly feed a small army.  The eggplant is dripping with purple preemies.

 I had numerous cucumbers and tomatoes, too, but those were promptly devoured.  They seem to be underestimating my appetite for their homegrown goodness.  Must plant more of them next year.  

The thing I will plant less of is, of course, summer squash and zucchini.  I planted two of each and both are so productive that my produce drawer groans and often threatens not to close.  Apparently, I am only so creative in my cooking, so now I am scouring the internet for tasty and alternative things to do with my surplus.  

There is chopping and freezing for a time when I can more appreciate the abundance, like, say, winter.  Soup recipes seem to be easy to find.  Can you freeze breads?

Help a girl out.  What do you do with all that green and yellow bounty?


  1. Yes you can freeze breads. Just bake them,wrap in that glad sticky wrap stuff (forget the name) and then in foil, put in freezer bag. Some zuchinni bread would be delish. We also love to cut into slices (zuchinni and yellow squash) marinate in italian dressing for a bit and stick on the grill. Or chop it up, cook with some olive oil and garlic, or in intalian dressing with some keilbasa. A favorite at the Brown's (at least for the adults) the kids eat the sausage at least. Oh and then those friendly neighbors can take some of the abundance off your hands too. Now get to choppin! I'll be excited to eat it this winter!

  2. Zucchini pickles, of course! Recipes are in that wonderful BH&G pub you have. ;-)

  3. You have had such better luck this year then we have had w/ our garden! Ours looks terrible. I'm sure the 20+ days of 100+ temps and a drought are not helping. We are going to have to do more research into our gardening next year. :) Needless to say, I'm JEALOUS! lol. When we had an abundance of zucchini, I made lots of zucchini bread. I wish I can remember where I got the recipe, but it was for a double chocolate chunk bread. Delicious!


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