Friday, July 22, 2011


It is unbelievable how fast these chicks grow.  The first three are now 11 days old, and Penny, our late arrival, is not but a couple of days behind.  We're not sure when she actually hatched.  She's still a little smaller, but catching up quickly.  They've discovered they have wings and are not particularly good or graceful fliers.  In fact, when they decide to stretch their wings, it really resembles more of an awkward jump, and is usually much to the chagrin of their cage mates who often fall target to crash landings.  They are sprouting feathers and spend a lot of time preening out all that adorable fuzz.  Each chick has its own personality, and it is so funny to watch them express themselves to us and within their own little chicken posse.

Gerty (a Barred Rock) is most definitely the brains of the bunch.  She is so curious and always interested in people, sounds, and anything new that finds its way into her cage.  While the other girls may stand back, Gerty isn't afraid to investigate whatever piques her interest.  She is usually the first to greet me, and although she tolerates being held, Gerty prefers to roost on your hand and talk.  She was also the first to eat a bug.  Smart girl.

Henryetta (a Buff Orpington) is so quiet and shy.  She'll greet me at the cage door, but will run for the far corners when I reach in for her.  I think she may also have landed at the bottom of the pecking order because she just seems so docile and not really interested in climbing up the social ladder.  Not a forward mover, this one.  She keeps her eye on the prize though, and is the fattest chick.  It is obvious Henryetta spends a good deal of her free time at the feeder.  My kind of girl.

Mazie (an Easter Egger) is the girl in 4th grade with a training bra.  She is by far my biggest chick and is developing faster than the other girls.  She knows her size, too, and likes to keep everyone in line.  She may not be the brightest, but she is where I place my bet for the first egg.  I love her blue legs.  All chickens that carry the blue egg gene will have dark legs like Mazie's.   

Oh, sweet Penny.  Penny (a Rhode Island Red) is a favorite around here simply because she's the runt and is definitely the most affectionate.  She comes when called and will jump out of the cage at me when I open the door.  Penny has found her place in the group, but would much rather be out with us.  She'd love for us just to carry her around on our hands or shoulders as we go about life.

The boys love to babysit the chicks outside in the big coop.  The rabbit cage seems sufficient, but it has to feel good to get outside where they really have room to practice their chicken skills.  I was worried about maintaining a constant temperature when they first arrived, but really, it's not that big a deal, and if you've ever experienced an Alabama summer, you know that they are plenty toasty in the great out of doors.  I clean their cage every other day, but those naughty chicks love to spill their food and fill their water dish with pine shavings.  Those are daily chores.

It is safe to say that a week and a half into this whole chicken business, we still LOVE it!

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  1. O, Little Mother Hen -- what a brood you have! I can't help but notice that you have rounded out the family with a few females. Hmmmm. Actually, I think I count FIVE Pasho females now. You've definitely tipped the scales in your favor! :) Love watching your little brood grow (both genders...)


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