Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chicken Chores

Every couple of days I pull clean-up duty and do battle with the wet newspaper and pine shavings lining our make-shift brooder.  On the off days, I simply fluff the shavings and maybe add a few more to compensate for those the girls have scratched through and pushed onto the floor.  This is most definitely their favorite hobby.  Mine is now vacuuming.  If they keep it up with their barnyard manners, their cage may just find a new, permanent home on the back patio.

These are the supplies you'll need for cage cleaning:  fresh shavings, newspaper, food, and clean water.
Roll up the dirty newspaper with the shavings inside and compost.  Sweep (or dump) out any left overs.  Resist the urge to vacuum your floor.  Yet.  I clean the tray on the bottom with a damp paper towel.  Add a new lining, some fresh bedding, top off their food, rinse the water container, and you're done!  

Now, the aftermath.
You may vacuum.

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